Desai Tech Solutions : Providing Google Platform for End to End Services with Cost Benefit

Ashish Desai

Businesses have never ending and crucial needs of communication, data storage, and office tools for daily business operations of filing and maintaining records. As these make up for the large part of the office works, it requires the deployment of upgraded, seamless and cost-effective software solutions that are easily accessible and manageable. Desai Tech Solutions, positioned as a Google cloud partner, provides an integrated platform for communication, storage and office tools for businesses.

In a G-Suite package, the company offers end to end software tools for office use. Commenting on the offering, Ashish Desai, Director of the company, says, “We are an Authorized Google Cloud Partner; with our Google’s G-Suite we are deploying end to end communication, collaboration and storage needs of businesses. G-suite is making office processes faster, smoother and agile. We are deploying various kinds of configuration and security right there on the domain. Post deployment we are providing the user training support to our clients as well.”

Desai Tech operates as a Google Technology Solution provider aimed at making Google technology feasible for small and mid-segment industries. Desai believes Google has a robust interface with regular upgradation for seamless and enhanced services for its users. Users get the benefit of all office tools with adequate storage options at low cost. Google G-Suite basic comes at a nominal price of 1500 INR for one user per year.
For communication, it entails inbuilt software that enables business personnel to be connected while on the go without the need for investing in telecom devices. Google chat, Google hangout, and Google meet are well capable of meeting all the business communication needs, saving the gigantic additional cost incurred by the company.

"We are an Authorized Google Cloud Partner; with our Google’s G-Suite we are deploying end to end communication, collaboration and storage needs of businesses"

Desai Tech team offers its clients consistent thoughts of business value addition to help them grow. For the optimum utilization of G-Suite features, Desai Tech provides problem analysis before deployment of solutions. The company carries out client engagement initiatives to understand the issues and problem and getting it analyzed by its technical team and presenting them the right solutions. After consultation, the company deploys the right capacity building solution with configuration and support services followed by training.

Google is reputed for its world class data center facility and standard procedure for retrieval and archival. Desai Tech makes this service available for customers at affordable prices. It enables businesses to avail quick return on investment with cost-benefit and agile business process. Most of the time businesses are unaware of the range of harm cyber threat possesses for them unless they are directly hit by it. Desai Tech Solutions takes care of the issue and offers its service to help create more awareness and vigilance on the part of the clients, safeguarding them against suspicious and disguised hacking attempts.

For its future prospects, Desai Tech aims to take further leap from being Google Partner to Google Premier Partner. The company wants to help small and mid-segment businesses to leverage the potential of the state of the art Technology like Google Cloud Platform.